At Vanguard Tactics, we teach people to become great decision-makers, develop their skills to think critically while remaining composed and confident in their ability. We aim to promote lifelong participation of the game. We pride ourselves on our high-quality coaching and methodology to help VT members become commanders and coaches at the table.

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A like-minded community, a team to belong to, that you can share your ideas with and have discussions around Warhammer 40k, without negativity or judgment.


Get ARMED with the knowledge of the 40k ruleset, the fundamentals of the game, and an understanding of all of the factions for you to fully enjoy the game. Feel confident no matter who or what you play against. 


Understand your skill level within the game, know clearly how you can progress and improve to take another step in your journey as a Warhammer 40k player.


We will help you stay composed on and off the table, so you can always make the right decision. From adapting to change to playing at the top tables.


We want to improve the game of 40k for everyone and help increase life-long participation which is why we want our students to become community leaders and an inspiration at the table for their local gaming group and peers. Leading the way by playing the game in the right way.


If you want to win at any cost, then the academy isn’t for you, but if you want to become a consistent player and improve your score with each game and each tournament then the academy will help you do just that.

Hi, I’m Stephen The Founder of VT

As a trained teacher and coach with over 15 years of experience, I decided to dedicate my time to teaching Warhammer 40K players the tactics and strategies that took me years to acquire before I could play with confidence.

The VT Academy was created to be the Warhammer 40k course that I would have wanted to study when I first started playing. You are probably aware that the game is extremely complex and takes a long time to master. 

No matter your starting point, the Vanguard Tactics Academy will give you the clarity that you need to improve, increase your confidence at the table and give you an incredible community to be part of. 

Leave behind the frustrations and feeling overwhelmed and spend more time playing.

If you have any questions please email me at: 

[email protected]

Our Vision

It is Vanguard Tactic's vision to empower people to overcome personal barriers to enrich people's lives by providing a like-minded community along with promoting the importance of mental health.

Using the table-top game Warhammer to unite people from around the world. Harnessing the power of playing games to escape the stresses of everyday life, with an emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play & personal growth


We are pleased to be supported by the best in the business.

What you can expect from the Vanguard Tactics Academy



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