The Vanguard Tactics Basic Training Course

Learn how to play Warhammer 40K.

Without the complication, confusion and the overwhelming amount of information!

The Vanguard Tactics Basic Training course will teach you how to learn Warhammer 40K the right way by guiding you through the core fundamentals of the game without overwhelming you!


You've probably already heard of Warhammer 40K and its incredible range of armies and styles of play, in fact you probably couldn't wait to start collecting and painting your army! Then come the codex's and rule books which can be pretty complicated and intimidating leaving you wondering how you're ever actually going to be able to play a full game on the tabletop (in under 24 hours)! 


It can be really daunting to dive into the world of Warhammer 40K and it can leave you feeling disheartened about getting an army you want to play on the tabletop! We are here to try and ease some of that initial dread and get you playing your chosen army on the tabletop in no time!


By the end of this program, you will have…


  • The Core Fundamental Knowledge of 40K

    By the end of the basic training course you will have the core knowledge of the game and will be able to play games of all sizes on the tabletop!
  • The Confidence To Play On Tabletop

    Go from feeling unsure about the rules of the game to having the confidence to implement the rules on the tabletop. Giving you the freedom to enjoy the gameplay!
  • Clarity Of What Is Happening On The Tabletop

    You will understand all the phases of the game and the steps you and your opponent need to take during each phase. 
  • Ability To Play A Number Of Different Types of 40K Games

    We will not only teach you how to play the game but give you the fundamentals and guidance you need to scale up your knowledge of 40K game by game.
  • Connections With Likeminded Players

    The beginner communities on discord will allow you to connect with other new 40K players and establish connections in the hobby!

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"I joined the Vanguard Tactics Basic Training course back when it first launched. I'd done my best to learn as much as I could prior to joining basic training but knew there would be things I might have missed or not thought about as a beginner. Once I signed up I was happy to see how the basic training course broke everything into easy, digestible bite sizes. I can learn at my own pace and access the course via my mobile phone too which comes in extremely handy when I am traveling. Im happy to say after completing the course I continued my journey as a student on the VT academy and I now play for VT and am proud to have such an amazing group of like-minded people supporting me!"

- Kerry, VTA Student 


"3 words I would describe Basic are FUN, ENGAGING, COMMUNITY. I would definitely recommend this course for those who wants to elevate their game. Be it for a casual match or those looking to challenge themselves in the tournament circuit. The week was packed full of great lessons but the best one I feel was Game Escalation when we got to put everything together. Also getting to talk and hangout with the VT coaches was an added bonus. Thank you VT.  I also discovered a few more friends in the class who shared my love of the game."

- Gio, VTA Student 



“To those wondering if this Basic Training course is for you, the answer is a resounding YES! I am virtually brand new to Warhammer. I bought my first models back in October of 2021, played my first game in November, then joined my LGS first league in January. I figured I could just learn as my 10 week league went on. I went 0-2 in my first two matches and felt like I just needed the game of 40k spelled out to me in simple but concise details. That’s when I found the VT Basic Training. I didn’t play my next game until I completed the entire course. What happened over the next 8 weeks was… unexpected. I went 8-0 and finished 8-2 in my 40 person league. I qualified for the Top 8 Store Championship, went 2-1 and finished in the Top 3 to then qualify for the Top 8 State League Championships and as the only Space Marine player (Salamanders)! I eventually finished 6th overall, but I just felt so lucky to even get that far! 

- Tylon, VTA Student

What’s Inside The Vanguard Tactic's Basic Training Course?


When you enrol today you’ll get:


The Vanguard Tactics Basic Training Course
(A $125 RRP Value for $99)


  • 14 Video Lessons

    That will get you tabletop ready, giving you the confidence to play against others and enjoy playing at the same time!

  • Lifetime Access To A Like-Minded Community

    Connect with players at your level and establish connections in the Warhammer 40K community.

  • Informative Interactive Documents

    Follow along with printable documents designed to enhance your learning.
  • Bonus Games And Tasks 

    Continue learning after the course and put your learning to practice.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

The VT Basic Training Course - 125$ Value

  • Discord Community Access - 25$ Value
  • Lesson blueprints, a beginners roadmap, cheatsheets, checklists, and more! - 35$ Value
  • Bonus Games and Tasks - 20$ Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $179!

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $99!

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Learn 40K Or Your Money Back!

I know that after 30 days on this course you will have the  confidence and clarity to play 40K on the tabletop! If you complete this course and all of the set tasks then I can promise you will be more than satisfied with your results. If you are not satisfied after completing all of the lessons and tasks then all you have to do is email a member of our team (within the 30 days) and you will be given a full refund! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Still thinking about it?

7 Ways to Know You’re Ready To Start Your 40K Journey:

  1. If you are just getting started with Warhammer 40K and you want to do it right!
  2. If you have already started playing 40K but have been struggling with some of the basics and want to fix it once and for all!
  3. If you have any amazing army sat on the shelf collecting dust and want to take it to the tabletop!
  4. If you already invested in the hobby by buying the army and paints but haven't been able to find the time to learn how to play!
  5. If you're worried about getting to the tabletop and feeling overwhelmed and confused.
  6. If you ready to start having fun while playing 40K instead of overthinking your every move!
  7. If you are ready to work hard so that you can finally get on that tabletop and complete a full game of 40K!

I can’t wait for you to join The Basic Training Course!


I created the Vanguard Tactics Basic Training course for people who are interested in playing Warhammer 40K but don't know where to begin.

I know first-hand how confusing and overwhelming 40K can be at times but knowing what to focus on and the basics will make your journey a million times easier!

It is an exciting experience discovering Warhammer 40K for the first time; the multiple diverse exciting armies, the amazing range of terrain, and the immersive storylines, but then you get to the rules...

There are A LOT of rules!

There are; the basic game rules, the individual codexes for each faction, and not to mention the mission rules!

All these different rules can make it very difficult to navigate your way through the game and confuse you on where to begin.

This is the exact reason why I created this course, to remove any uncertainty and allow you to focus on the many exciting aspects of gameplay!

So if you want to learn how to play 40K, let my team and I teach you the right way!

Stephen Box

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