Start your Warhammer 40K learning journey today!

The Vanguard Tactics Academy

It is our mission to give you the confidence to play anytime, anywhere, against anyone, with any army! We have already helped hundreds of students play their way to success, could you be next? 

  •  Master the core rules and tactics of Warhammer 40K
  •  Gain the confidence to play competitively on the tabletop
  •  Develop your gameplay and start improving your scores on the tabletop
  • Finish games in good time and enjoy your hobby more
  • Overcome the stress of playing 40K and focus on the fun   
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What are students are saying...

"I've now started to have the confidence to go to the local gaming club, to play against other people, meet new people. I don't feel self conscious whether I know the game well enough to play with people I don't know"

"Every single question that I've asked to any of the people that i've worked with has been handled in a respectful way. With Vanguard Tactics community every single person thats helped me has helped me so much"

"I was just expecting to increase my knowledge to a basic level but whats exceeded my expectations is the people I've met and the community but also just the depth and knowledge I now have as a result of going through all the different types of modules."

The VT Basic Training Course


This is a beginners course for anyone new to Warhammer 40K to ease them into the world of 40k. Let this course guide you in the right direction by giving you the core knowledge to get you on the tabletop!

  • Learn exactly how and where to start on your 40K journey
  • Confidently complete a full game of Warhammer 40K 
  • Master the basics and start having fun on the tabletop 
  • Overcome the overwhelming complications of getting started with 40K

What our students are saying...

"Once I signed up I was happy to see how the basic training course broke everything into easy, digestible bite sizes. I can learn at my own pace and access the course via my mobile phone too which comes in extremely handy when I am traveling."

"3 words I would describe Basic are FUN, ENGAGING, COMMUNITY. I would definitely recommend this course for those who wants to elevate their game."

"This was a very good intro to the game. The important core rules were covered in just the right amount of detail to avoid being overwhelmed and confused."

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