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Vanguard Tactics +

In order to play like us, you need to think like us. Vanguard Tactics Plus+ exists solely to teach you why we have played the way we have played, and how you can do the same.

*Coming 15th August 2020*

What you'll get for just $9.99 per month:

  • 4 battle reports a month
  • Full army list breakdown
  • Step by Step Deployment
  • Bonus content and more

What you don't see on YouTube.

Battle reports

On YouTube we will be sharing a video with one army moving first. However, Vanguard Tactics Plus+ members will receive the video that is NOT shared on YouTube…the one where the opponent’s army makes the first move and we counteract their advances. This will give you a much more comprehensive understanding of the game and an unrivalled insight into turning more of your defeats into victories.

The Army Lists

An in-depth review into why we selected the units we did, how we constructed the army and why we constructed the army that way. Learn how it all works together to ensure more successes than failures.

Step By Step Deployment

Learn how we deployed and whether it was successful or not, particularly focussing on the logic behind the way we deployed our forces and the strategies behind the decision making, in terms of going both first and second.

Bonus material

Every time Vanguard Tactics play a new army Discover how we put our army together, with details on how we physically built and painted it, ensuring you are aware of the colour schemes used and why.

Plus, we are going to give you the artwork to download as screensavers for your phones or laptops, so your gadgets will always look as good as your army and your tactics.

If you have any questions about why this is worth two take-away coffees a month then please email me, as always, on [email protected]