Warhammer 40k 9th edition HUGE Rules Update, FAQ & Errata

On this week's show of the competitive 40k podcast, we talk about the recent rules update, FAQs, and Errata for Warhammer 40k 9th edition.

We discuss the most significant changes and how they will have an impact on the game of 40k.

We go over all of the changes to the mission pack, Warhammer 40k rule book, rare rules, and points changes.

If you want to stay on top of your gameplay or want to have a different perspective on the FAQ, check out this episode.






    1. Today’s show 
    2. VT update - new coaches, lockdown update

Mission Pack

  1. WSWF - most expensive units instead of models 
  2. Bring it down (1 (2) point for 10 or less wounds, 2 (3) points for 11-19 wounds, 3 points for 20 wounds or more)
  3. Abor the Witch - 3/2 units instead of 5/3 characters (TS, GK)
  1. Fight first and last clarifications (interrupt combat)
  2. Flyers can fly off an bomb
  3. How -1AP and ignore -1AP works
  4. Use anything to deny a psychic action
    1. First turn - winner of the roll of goes first.
    2. Primary on turn 5 - player who goes second scores their primary at the end of turn.
    3. Secondaries  
    4. Rare rules update 
    5. What implications does this have to our armies? 

Rules Changes

Take into consideration next codex due and the impact new rules may have on points and rules updates - Deathguard, DE, Dark Angels.

    1. Abilities that triggers doctrines out of sequence gain buffs 
    2. ATV and aptho
    3. Mont’ka and Kauyon changes
    4. Wracks up to 20 man units 
    5. Fire and fade into transports
    6. Nurglings no feel no pain against mortals
    7. Harlies - CP farm


    1. Potential printing errors - discuss - if something is too good to be true then it probably is! 
      1. Reaver jet bikes 
      2. Tau (FA) drones 
    2. Dark Angels - table showing upgrade to Deathwing on certain units
    3. Inceptors, eradicators, outrides - slight increase, stop spam
    4. Ta’u targeted points drops  - Crisis, broadsides, devllfish, tanks, flyers. T’au Commanders up typical 10
    5. Nurglings up in points
    6. Necron - reaminator down to 80, Nightbringer gone up 
    7. Custo bikes down 10
    8. Sisters of battle - reptenia, Veffers, MM girls
    9. DE & Elder - troop points drop - battalion tax and some special weapons 
    10. GSC - Abberrants gone down and hand flamers
    11. Nids - Hiveguard, hive tyrant, warriors, caniffexs and more - in a great place with change to bring it down and forgeworld
    12. Orks - Big Mek - KFF(maybe an error) and Mek gun potential error
    13. Chaos - termies, demon prince, thunderhammer on chaos lord


Next week's show

    1. How to do well with an off meta and under powered faction, T’au in 9th edition.


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