EP 16 | 9th Edition Predictions

9th edition podcast Jun 07, 2020

On this week's show of the Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics,


Jack Downing, Joe Coles & myself (Stephen Box) take you through our predictions for 9th Edition based on what information we have been given.


If you want to know what you could potentially be seeing in the new edition and what to look out for then check out this podcast.


We cover:

  • Terrain
  • Monsters and Vehicles
  • Blast Weapons
  • CP’s and Detachments
  • Reserves
  • Overwatch and Modifiers


If you want see the full list of predictions check out the show notes link below. 





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Show Notes


Terrain as we know is going to change, Terrain will be recommended to create a fair and balanced game for both players and play styles

  • Prediction: visual add for terrain set up, could be pieces per quarter or total amount. 

Terrain will have key words so you can quickly identify what it does and how you interact with it. 

  • Prediction: OBSCURED terrain which mean it automatically blocks LOS

Terrain will become more than just a cover save, blocking line of sight and becoming more immersive

  • Prediction: WOOD, in the wood -1 to hit

Monsters and knights will be able to fight units in cover this will stop unchangeable units

  • Prediction measure from any part of the model or ranged combat attacks.

For example, they will be able to shoot when they are in combat 

  • Prediction: pistol like the imperial fists stratagem or the Invictus war suit, maybe one or all guns. 

Benefit more from terrain or cover.

  • Prediction: 50% obscured

Blast weapons will have better potential against horde style units

  • Prediction: Classification for what constitutes as a horde unit, Crimson fist +1 to hit, built-in re-roll Catachan, roll 2D6 or minimum 3 shots

Command points

  • More for everyone and both plays start with the same based on the size of the game. 
  • More generic stratagems to enhance the tactical sideboard.
  • Spend CP to gain extra codexes. 

What will happen with detachments

  • Prediction: unlock extra abilities or keywords for that detachment.

Reserves are going to change

  • Bring units on from your board edge, side of the table or your opponents board each
  • Prediction: Turn 1 your own, turn 2&3 the edge and turn 4 your opponents. 

Overwatch is going to change

  • Prediction: Take away re-rolls to hit in overwatch, or you have to give up shooting phase in order to overwatch or remain stationary in the previous turn. 


  • Everyone hits on a 6
  • Modifiers can only be a maximum of -1 or +1
  • Prediction: You have to remain stationary to fire heavy weapons or only hit on a 6.
  • Prediction: Only defensive stacks can work. 

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