New Drukhari Warhammer 40k Codex - Tactics, Strategies and Top Combos

In this episode of the Competitive Warhammer 40k Podcast we cover everything you need to know about the new Drukhari Codex. 

We cover the different ways to build a Drukhari army list, some of the top units, characters, abilities and stratagems. 

If you are a Drukhari player then you will love this episode as there is so much to be excited about in regards to this awesome new codex as this episode will give you loads to consider. 

If you are thinking about playing Drukhari then this episode will help break down and distill the codex so you know exactly where to start. 

If you don’t play Drukhari then this episode will also help you understand what it is you need to look out for when playing them

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Sunday 28th at 4pm GMT 

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