New Adeptus Mechanicus Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Codex Review

In this episode of the Competitive Warhammer 40k Podcast we cover everything you need to know about the new 9th edition Adeptus Mechanicus codex.

We cover the different ways to build a Adeptus Mechanicus army list, some of the top units, characters, abilities and stratagems. 

If you are a Adeptus Mechanicus  player then you will love this episode as there is so much to be excited about in regards to this awesome new codex as this episode will give you loads to consider. 

If you are thinking about playing Adeptus Mechanicus then this episode will help break down and distill the codex so you know exactly where to start. 

If you don’t play Adeptus Mechanicus  then this episode will also help you understand what it is you need to look out for when playing them

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Show Notes


First Impressions

Great Book, lots of interesting choices and options in terms of army build and play style. 

I love that there is a use and a roll for every unit and it is also no longer JUST a gun line. 

It can fight and clear units off of objectives.

What is the appeal with Adpetus Mechanicus?

  • Glass cannon, very mobile gunline.
  • Model range is extremely grim-dark.
  • Ruststalkers

What you will need to play Adeptus Mechanicus

  • Codex
  • Book of rust

What you need to know?


Faction specific benefit

Doctrina for Skitarii

Select at the start of the battle round, 4 to pick from

Good and Bad

Holi Orders


Any ways to ignore the bad?


Broad spectrum data-tether - pick a unit with 3” to gain ability


  • +1 BS but -1 WS
  • +1 WS but -1 BS
  • +3” move but - save by 1
  • +1 save but -3” move


Canticles of the Omnissiah

Select at the start of the battle round 6 to pick from

  • Light cover
  • +1 S in combat
  • Ignore combat attrition and 5+++ to mortals
  • Re-roll hit, wound & damage
  • Roll 2D6 for advance rolls and discard lowest
  • -1 to hit in combat

Forge Worlds Dogmas


Specific and custom


Each forge world Dogma gets 2 bullet point army wide rules

A Warlord trait





  • Skatarii gain canticles
  • Re-roll a hit


W - Give another canticle to a unit

R - Axe - similar to teeth of terra

S - Wrath of mars, maz 6 mortal wounds


  • Damage 1 = +1 save
  • +3” range


W - Transhuman 

R - Redeploy a unit and character

S - Put a unit in deep strike (use twice)



  • Half range +1 AP
  • Hold steady or set to defend


W - Ancient ability

R - Reroll wounds against vehicle

S - Kataphron - +1 T (used twice)



  • Auto pass combat attrition
  • 5+++ against mortal

W - HI 6”

R - add 3” to auras

S - deny a power



  • Dense 18 for vehicle and 12 for anything else
  • Targets can't set yo defend


W - Redeploy 2 units or into strat reserve

R - Mortal wounds in engagement range

S - Deploy an infantry unit 9” away



  • +1 to wound in combat
  • +1 charge


W - increase AP by 1 in combat

R - Gun that does mortal wounds

S - +1 damage for plasma


  • Move and shoot assault and heavy weapons
  • Engament range treat enemy as half strength


W - Pick an enemy unit and make them -1 to hit

R - One pump melee weapon

S - Halve move and can’t overwatch 


Unit highlights


Supreme commander, chapter master for Mars units, reactivate a Canticle



6” range to Galvanic, Arc or Radium weapons and extra AP



Re-roll hits of 1



Cant set up with 12”

Buffs Kataprhons: Makes them do actions & shoot and action.



Ignores the Deprecation effect

Re-roll wounds of 1



Gives +1 to hit on a vehicle (not robots) 



Gain a pre game 3 inch move



-1 S & T when in engagement range


Breachers & Destroyers

Bikes, move through walls etc.

Huge weapon and save increase

Not core

Plasma does a mortal not slain


Electro priests


Gains 4++

Mortals on the charge

6s to wound to 2 mortals instead of damage


Exploding 6s on shooty unit


Cybernetica Datasmith

Can do an action to give Robots the core keyword



Can actually infiltrate 9” away



6s to wound do mortals

Ignore move penatiltes

+1 save when in light cover




2 wounds

Pre game normal move

Ignore look out sir and mortals on 6s



-1 S & T when in engagement range

Advance and shoot pistol weapons along with assault weapons




Charge and fall back

+1 Attack on the charge etc




Fall back and shoot

Exploding 6s in combat




Auto cannons A6 7 -1 D2

Lascannon A2 9 -3 D3+3





-1 to hit

4 attacks, S8 -2 2D

Exploding 6s




Battle protocols, +2 save re-roll charges and WS 2+, BS3


Skorpius Disintegrators

In direct fire, 3D3, S5, -1 2D




Eradication 18” HD6 8 -4 3D

Neutron Laser 48” D3 12 -4 D3+3

Twin Onager phosphor blaster H8 6 -2 2 ignore dense



Can take ANY 12 infantry


Holy Orders

4 different orders

All have 2 abilities, you come with an in built ability then you can do an action to change it up. They also have an extra ability that reduces the cost of your strats depending on the type. Ranging from 25 - 35 points per model and put on a tech priest. 


All are a select a friendly core and sometimes kataphron servitor units within 6”



Exploding 6s in combat




Ignore -1 & -2 ap

Ignore cover



+2 advance rolls

Exploding 6s in shooting



Fall back and shoot at -1 to hit

+1 strength to weapons

What is the play style of the Admech

  • Gun line - Admech
  • Mobile gun line - Skitarii
  • Mobile combat - Skitarii


Top Relics

Exemplar Eternity (Marshall)

  • Re-roll a hit and wound of 1

Omniscient Mask

  • Exploding 6s in combat with Skitarii


  • Fight last


Warlord Traits

    • Emotionless Clarity - fall back and charge


  • Catogrammatist - deepstrike cult mechanicus


  • Programmed Retreat - Fall back and shoot
  • Firepoint Telemetry cache - light cover and if you have light cover then +1 save



  • +1 attack to Sicairan (Rustalkers)
  • +1 strength to Skitarii
  • Give sergeants relics
  • Remove Sicrain and another for Pteraxii unit from the table and re set up
  • Raiders strat has changed now the enemy can declare a new target
  • Fight last with cult mechanicus units
  • Exploding 5s on Taser
  • Aspex scan
  • Helicopter - turn off auras
  • Galvanic Volley Fire


Stand out units

  • Rustalkers
  • Raiders
  • Ironstrinder
  • Dunerider
  • Marshall
  • Rangers

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