How To Set & Smash Goals This Year

goal setting Jan 13, 2020
Hey guys, 
I hope you had a great xmas and New Year?
This email is going to be a little different but I think you will find this incredibly valuable not just for 40K. 
I want to talk about your goals for this year. 
Now you might be reading this thinking goal setting is a load of rubbish and doesn’t work. 
And tbh I would agree with you in a lot of instances. 
Goals are absolutely meaningless without these three principles. 
Every day for the last 10 years I have helped people achieve their health, fitness, career, sport and body goals.
I have found to get the very most out of people it has required the same three things over and over again. 
Those principles are the following:
Purpose - Your Why
Process - Your step by step plan
Accountability - Helping your keep your promise to yourself. 
The below quote is one I came up with when I speak to my clients and thought I'd share:
"A goal without a why and a process is a destination without a purpose to be there and a map to find it"
Many of you might be thinking about achieving something this year. 
This could be in your career, health or hobby. 
Maybe you want that promotion or to start your own business. 
Maybe you want to lose 20lbs.
Maybe you want to win best in faction.
Maybe you want to win an RTT or GT.
They are all great goals. 
But they, end there.
They are just words.
I’m going to show you how to create 'your why’ and create a ‘process'
First of all, many of our goals come from currently having what’s know as a ‘pain', this doesn’t necessarily mean a physical pain. 
Lets take the weight loss goal of 20lbs
Why do you want to lose 20lbs?
If its just to look a bit better then you won’t make it.
Because the ‘pain’ you are in right now does not out weigh the pain of going through the effort of dieting to lose the 20lbs. 
If your pain was that; when you walk around your back currently hurts, your knees and joints hurt, you struggle to play a full day of Warhammer, you don't have the energy you used to or you lack self confidence to meet someone. 
Now you have a ‘why’ you have a ‘pain’ that is worth taking your time, energy and effort to solve. 
Because when then going gets tough you have a real reason to keep going. 
When the diet gets harder, you get hungry, you have to sacrifice some of your favourite foods it has to be worth it at the end of it. 
Then in regards to the process.
To use the example of the 20lb weight loss. 
That requires you to use 70,000 kcal’s of stored energy. You need a process to tackle that amount. 
A diet and training regime that will help you use 500 kcal per day, every day for 20 weeks. 
Then you need someone to keep you accountable so you stick to it when the going gets tough. 
What ever your goal. 
Make sure you plan for those three principles. 
I hope you found this valuable and I’d love to know what your goals are this year:
For your:
  1. Career/Business.
  1. Health/Fitness.
  1. Hobby/40K. 

Below is the link to download a free goal setting guide I would encourage you to work through so you can make the most of this year.   

Download Your Free Guide  

In offer news we managed to raise over £400 for Jared who had his army stolen in Oct last year, so I’d like to thank everyone that supported the fund and donated or shared our posts. Also I want to give a very special thanks to Army Painter and Paragon City games for their very kind donations. 
The plan will be to deliver the money to Paragon City Wargames art LVO where the models will be purchased for Jared to get those stolen models shipped out to him. 


Below is the link to download a free goal setting guide I would encourage you to work through so you can make the most of this year.   




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