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How To Set & Smash Goals This Year

goal setting Jan 13, 2020
Hey guys, 
I hope you had a great xmas and New Year?
This email is going to be a little different but I think you will find this incredibly valuable not just for 40K. 
I want to talk about your goals for this year. 
Now you might be reading this thinking goal setting is a load of rubbish and doesn’t work. 
And tbh I would agree with you in a lot of instances. 
Goals are absolutely meaningless without these three principles. 
Every day for the last 10 years I have helped people achieve their health, fitness, career, sport and body goals.
I have found to get the very most out of people it has required the same three things over and over again. 
Those principles are the following:
Purpose - Your Why
Process - Your step by step plan
Accountability - Helping your keep your promise to yourself. 
The below quote is one I came up with when I speak to my clients and...
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