New Codex Genestealer Cults vs Grey Knights: Warhammer 40K Battle Report

New Codex Genestealer Cults vs Grey Knights: Warhammer 40K Battle Report 


Mike will be commanding the New Genestealer Cults and Jake will be running the Grey Knights.

Our VT battle reports bring a blend of entertainment and education. So if you are looking for an interactive Warhammer 40k coaching game, this will be perfect for you.

For this Warhammer 40k 9th edition battle report we will be using 2000 point strike force armies along with the missions from the Games Workshop Grand Tournament 2021 mission pack.

The mission for this battle report is Sweep and Clear.

In this Warhammer 40,000 battle report, we talk through the New Codex GSC and Grey Knights army lists and the secondary objectives that work well for them. We show you the armies, the mission, the deployment, turn by turn analysis, and the end of the turn and game coaching round-up.

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New Grey Knights Warhammer 40K Codex Review

If you are a Warhammer 40K Grey Knights player or are looking to play them in the future this show is here to help you understand the top tactics, combos and abilities in the new codex along with how to get the most out of them on the table.

If you are worried about playing against the Grey Knights and want to know some of their stronger units and combos this will be a helpful primer for playing against them.


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