Top 3 Strats for Each Faction

Top 3 Strats for Each Faction

On this week's show of the Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics.

Stephen Box, Joe Coles and Jack Downing talk about the top 3 most useful stratagems for each faction that you need to be aware of when playing in the world of competitive 40k.

With this podcast episode and last weeks we give you a baseline knowledge of each faction. 

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Adeptus Astartes



Combat revival

Commanding oratory

Black Templars


Devout Push

Tenacious Assault

Emperors Will

Blood Angels


Forlorn Fury

Unbridled Ardour (HI)

Angel’s Sacrifice

Dark Angels


Full Throttle

Combined Assault 

Stand Firm 




Brotherhood of veterans


Grey Knights



Psychic Onslaught =

Deepstrike strat

Imperial Fists


Bolter Drill

Close-Range Bolter Fire

The Shield Unwavering

Iron Hands


Mercy is Weakness

March of the Ancients

Wrathful Machine Spirit

Raven Guard



Strike from the shadows

False Flight




The Crucible of Battle

Born Protectors

Space Wolves


Bestial Nature

Counter Charge

Genetic Lineage



Rapid Redeployment

Defensive focus

Fall back and re-engage

White Scars


Lighting Debarkation

Hunters fusillade 

Feigning withdrawal 



Adepta Sororitas


Tear them down

Storm of retribution

Desperate For Redemption

Adeptus Custodes


Stooping Dive

Auramite and Adamantium

Arcane Genetic Alchemy

Adeptus Mechanicus


Wrath of mars

Tactica Obliqua

Machine Spirits Revenge

Astra Millitarum


Defensive gunners

Take cover

Hail of fire 

Imperial Knights


Machine spirit resurgent

Full tilt

Our darkest hour



Chaos Daemons


Warp Surge

Denizens of the Warp

“Exalted” Strats

Chaos Knights


Trail of destruction (re-roll misses)

Vow of Dominance

Rotate ion shields

Chaos Space Marines


Endless cough

Veterans of the long war

Malevout Covenant

Death Guard


Blight Bombardment

Cloud of flies

Overwhelming generosity 

Thousand Sons


Infernal Fusillade

Risen Rubricae

Indomitable Foes





Seer council





Fire and Fade

Cruel Deception

Agents of Vect



Murderous Entrance (+1 damage)

The Curtain falls (fall back instead con)

Twilit Encore (fall back  



Ynnead’s nest (advance and charge bikes

Inevitable Fate (re-roll wound)

Deadly Misdirection





Disruption Fields

Disintegration Capacitors

Solar Pulse



Command and Control Node 

Ariel targeting 

Branched nova charge 



Unstoppable Green Tide

Get stuck in ladz 

Ramming Speed 

Hive Mind


Genestealer Cult


A Perfect Ambush Extra Explosives Genetic Lineage



Single minded annihilation 

Symbiotic devastation 

Unyielding chitin


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