New Codex Black Templars vs Tau Empire: Warhammer 40K Battle Report


New Codex Black Templars vs Tau Empire: Warhammer 40K Battle Report Jake is taking command of the New codex Black Templars & Mike will be running the Studio's new Tau Empire army painted by Siege Studios.

Our VT battle reports bring a blend of entertainment and education. So if you are looking for an interactive Warhammer 40k coaching game, this will be perfect for you.

For this Warhammer 40k 9th edition battle report we will be using 2000 point strike force armies along with the missions from the Games Workshop Grand Tournament 2021 mission pack.

The mission for this battle report is Priority Target.

In this Warhammer 40,000 battle report, we talk through the new codex Black Templars vs Tau Empire army lists and the secondary objectives that work well for them.

We show you the armies, the mission, the deployment, turn by turn analysis, and the end of the turn and game coaching round-up.

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How To Play Tau in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

Struggling to play a lower tier Warhammer 40k army like Tau?


Wondering what you can do to beat Space Marines?


Getting frustrated that you arn't getting the results that you want to?


On this week's show of the Competitive 40K Podcast we cover how Jack has mastered and evolved his Tau army list and gameplay. 


Jack takes us through the playstyle of Tau, what makes them unique and then through the problems and challenges that he overcame. 


This is an exceptional podcast and something every single Warhammer 40K player will be able to relate to. 


We really hope you enjoy this episode. 


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Hi, it’s Jack here from Vanguard Tactics and I wanted to share my thoughts on my favourite faction the Ta’u Empire.


I have been playing Ta’u competitively throughout 8th Edition and into 9th, so this article covers my journey with the army...

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Top 3 Strats for Each Faction

Top 3 Strats for Each Faction

On this week's show of the Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics.

Stephen Box, Joe Coles and Jack Downing talk about the top 3 most useful stratagems for each faction that you need to be aware of when playing in the world of competitive 40k.

With this podcast episode and last weeks we give you a baseline knowledge of each faction. 

If you want to keep on top of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition competitive play, then check out this podcast.

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This podcast is brought to you by Vanguard Tactics and the Vanguard Tactics Academy. The only Warhammer 40k online coaching course.

The VT Academy takes you through everything you need to know about 40k, from how to write the optimal army list for your faction, to advance tactics on the tabletop and our...

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EP 8 | Tau Tactics & Psychic Awakening

podcast tau Mar 11, 2020
On this week's show of the Competitive Warhammer 40K podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics,
Jack, Mark and I (Stephen Box) go through some of the new Tau combos and tactics from then new Greater Good Psychic Awakening book.
We cover:
The new Septs 
The new relic weapon systems
The new Stratagems
The Farsight Enclave
We then also quick fire all of the questions that you sent us on instagram. 
To get your hands on my new beta tau list, head down to the bottom of this page. 
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How To Win With Tau - Tournament Review - Caledonian Revolution 2019

Tournament Review - Caledonian Revolution 2019

By Jack Downing 


I recently attended Caledonian Revolution 2019 at Element Games, this tournament was 76 person strong ETC style event which was attended by a several of team members of the England, Scotland and Wales teams. The event was 5  three hour games over two days under chess clocks. 


Personally, I was really pleased with my performance by winning 4/5 games and finished 11th overall as well as obtaining best in faction for T’au. I’ve felt like my game had really developed over the last few months which this result proves as typically I have finished mid-table in tournaments of this size.


I want to share with you my experience from this event, what went well and areas to improve. I’ll do this by doing a review of each of my games but first things first. Below is the list I took;


The List 


++ Total: [113 PL, 10CP, 1,999pts]


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP...

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