Top 3 Strats for Each Faction

Top 3 Strats for Each Faction

On this week's show of the Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics.

Stephen Box, Joe Coles and Jack Downing talk about the top 3 most useful stratagems for each faction that you need to be aware of when playing in the world of competitive 40k.

With this podcast episode and last weeks we give you a baseline knowledge of each faction. 

If you want to keep on top of Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition competitive play, then check out this podcast.

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This podcast is brought to you by Vanguard Tactics and the Vanguard Tactics Academy. The only Warhammer 40k online coaching course.

The VT Academy takes you through everything you need to know about 40k, from how to write the optimal army list for your faction, to advance tactics on the tabletop and our...

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Warhammer 40k Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Necrons

Warhammer 40k Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Necron's

In this 2000 points we see the golden host of Blood Angels run by Stephen Box going up against the ancient evil of the Necron's run by Joe Coles.

Fighting over an abandoned Mechanicum facility deep in the desert of Baal.

For this Warhammer 40k 9th edition battle report we will be using the 2000 point strike force armies along with the new missions from Games Workshop Grand Tournament 2020 mission pack. The mission today is Sweep and Clear


If you want to learn how to play Warhammer 40,000 9th edition missions, #new40k, then this Warhammer 40k Battle Report, with the Blood Angels vs the Nercons will be perfect to get you started.

In this Warhammer 40k battle report we talk through the Blood Angels army list and the secondary objectives that work well for them.

We also go through the Necron army list and their secondary objectives. 

We show you the...

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Warhammer 40k Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Necrons

This is a 2000 points livestream battle report of the stoic and resolute Ultramarines Vs indomitable and unrelenting Necron's.

Meeting on Snow swept tomb world, these 2 forces will fight it out to see who will claim the planets.

Stephen Box will be the commander in charge of the Ultramarines and Joe Coles will be the Overlord of the Necron's. See their army lists below.

The Mission today will be - RETRIEVAL MISSION. 

Watch it HERE


3 Top Secrets To Build Your Army List Like A Pro
In this army list Masterclass, I am going to help you discover the 3 top list writing steps that you need to take to have a well-balanced, thematic, and take all comers army list that has the potential to win events. 
1. How to pick an army or play style that suits you.
2. What the best chapter, legion or craftworld you should take for your army.
3. What units your army needs to include in order to win the mission.
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