Warhammer 40k Battle Report: Ultramarines vs Necrons

This is a 2000 points livestream battle report of the stoic and resolute Ultramarines Vs indomitable and unrelenting Necron's.

Meeting on Snow swept tomb world, these 2 forces will fight it out to see who will claim the planets.

Stephen Box will be the commander in charge of the Ultramarines and Joe Coles will be the Overlord of the Necron's. See their army lists below.

The Mission today will be - RETRIEVAL MISSION. 

Watch it HERE


3 Top Secrets To Build Your Army List Like A Pro
In this army list Masterclass, I am going to help you discover the 3 top list writing steps that you need to take to have a well-balanced, thematic, and take all comers army list that has the potential to win events. 
1. How to pick an army or play style that suits you.
2. What the best chapter, legion or craftworld you should take for your army.
3. What units your army needs to include in order to win the mission.
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