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EP 17 | Engine War: Adeptus Mechanicus Tactics

admech podcast Jun 12, 2020
On this week's show of the Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics,
Brian Anderson & myself (Stephen Box) take you through the new Adeptus Mechanicus Rules from Psychic Awakening Engine War in our main segment 40K in focus.
If you want to know the new rules for Warhammer 40K Adeptus Mechanicus and top tactics then check out this podcast.
We cover:
The new Adeptus Mechanicus rules Including:
- New Units
- New Cohorts
- New Strats
- New Canticles
- New  Holy Orders
- New Forgeworld Dogmas
Brians army list now Engine War has been Released. 
If you want Brian's Admech list then check out the below.
Better The Meta:
No better the meta on this episode
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