How To Play Tau in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

Struggling to play a lower tier Warhammer 40k army like Tau?


Wondering what you can do to beat Space Marines?


Getting frustrated that you arn't getting the results that you want to?


On this week's show of the Competitive 40K Podcast we cover how Jack has mastered and evolved his Tau army list and gameplay. 


Jack takes us through the playstyle of Tau, what makes them unique and then through the problems and challenges that he overcame. 


This is an exceptional podcast and something every single Warhammer 40K player will be able to relate to. 


We really hope you enjoy this episode. 


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Hi, it’s Jack here from Vanguard Tactics and I wanted to share my thoughts on my favourite faction the Ta’u Empire.


I have been playing Ta’u competitively throughout 8th Edition and into 9th, so this article covers my journey with the army...

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