How To Win With Tau - Tournament Review - Caledonian Revolution 2019

Tournament Review - Caledonian Revolution 2019

By Jack Downing 


I recently attended Caledonian Revolution 2019 at Element Games, this tournament was 76 person strong ETC style event which was attended by a several of team members of the England, Scotland and Wales teams. The event was 5  three hour games over two days under chess clocks. 


Personally, I was really pleased with my performance by winning 4/5 games and finished 11th overall as well as obtaining best in faction for T’au. I’ve felt like my game had really developed over the last few months which this result proves as typically I have finished mid-table in tournaments of this size.


I want to share with you my experience from this event, what went well and areas to improve. I’ll do this by doing a review of each of my games but first things first. Below is the list I took;


The List 


++ Total: [113 PL, 10CP, 1,999pts]


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP...

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